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                1. What is OA? What's the difference between OA and Collaboration Software?
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                OA, also known as office automation, is a web tool software using web integration service which can lower the cost and increase work efficiency. Collaboration office software, on the other hand, provide ways for multiple communication, sharing, and coordination among many staff members using internet, computer, and informatization. Collaboration Office software lays foundation for the R&D of the collaboration application software and supports the operational platform, it also provides collaboration tools and engine services. One collaboration office software must obtain the following functions:

                1.  A collaboration office software is actually a communication platform. It connects the communication and conveys information among the team with great efficiency, completion, and timeliness.

                2.  A collaboration Office software is a management and coordination platform. It uses various ways to make the team coordination into reality, i.e.: project management, process management, business management, etc.

                3.  A collaboration Office Software is the knowledge center as well as the support platform for application operations. To achieve the coordination of people and behavior, all the applications, data, information, and knowledge need to be re-organized centering on people-oriented concept. In some degree, the collaboration office platform is like a carry-on office for each team member. Meanwhile, some applications also need to be deployed upon this platform, i.e.: human resource management, ERP system, and so forth. The development of all these collaboration applications is also essential.

                Here are some of the features of the collaboration office: the platform shall support 100% mobility, and make use of all the internet resources currently. The system must achieve cross-district, cross-organizational, cross-internet connectivity and natural integration of all the independent application system; It must be qualified to adapt dynamically, and be able to coordinate with the rigid management.

                OA has been developed on the Collaboration platform, and it operated or installed collaboration engine on the platform as well. It can be regarded as a collaboration application—Collaboration OA, but it is at an obviously different level with the Collaboration office software.

                Due to the broad application of the collaboration software in admin domain in the office, many people think collaboration software and OA are two same things. As a matter of fact, although there is an extensive amount of connection, the two software have differences in many ways in terms of their software functions, application concept, and so forth.

                Collaboration software refers to the collaboration office software tools aiming for teamwork, including team coordination management, i.e.: workflow management, project management, various communication software(E-mail, instant communication, VoIP). With the development of the communication technologies and the appearance of the new demands globally, collaboration office software have been given new meanings, for example, it combines many technologies and technique, such as Internet, workflow, instant communication, and SOA. In other words, collaboration applications such as: collaboration office, administration, and business; collaboration platform such as: workflow management, project management, knowledge management, and information gateway, together with collaboration tools such as: e-mail, instant communication, remote video, process editor, form the concept of collaboration software.

                OA is a newly collaboration office mode that combines the modern office with computer technologies; the software and hardware system that support this mode are called OA software or OA hardware. Our country has a relatively long development process whether from the concept, or the application of OA. Narrowly speaking, OA refers to all the necessary applications for assisting an admin office, mainly include: the management of document, notification, announcement, work schedule, work plan summary, the sharing and management of office source, and so forth. Broadly speaking, OA also means to include all the soft and hardware products which are related to office management, including hardware like typer or printer, and word table management software, etc. Since the 90s century, finance and human resource software that handle management demand automation, has also been classified into OA software category.

                In conclusion, OA and collaboration office software have many things in common, even some functional overlap, but some prominent differences exist. Collaboration Office software focus more on the coordination among the team members, and places emphasis more on the workflow and communication; however, OA software is on the basis of computer technology and it is the record and reflection of the materials and work matters in the office.