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                4. Solution for Session timeout and loss
                Release date:2017-12-22 Source:

                Reasons for timeouts and loss:

                The alternation of the content in global. sax、web. configure、bin, which lead to the restart of the Web Application.

                Scanning of the web. configure caused by some antivirus program, insufficient internal storage of the server, and code demand within the program may all lead to the loss of Session.

                The program has framework page and cross-domain situation.


                Alternate the ageing time of timeout in web. configure.

                Use independent application Pool on the website is suggested.

                IIS how to setup Session timeout period: Website properties-main menu-Configuration-Application configuration-Options.

                Session timeout period default to 20 minutes.

                Open the application pool on the website, change the WEB amount to 1 to start IIS.

                Impact a iframe into your main page, set the width and height to 0. Add: “send request to the server every 18 minutes” , which is right before the timeout of the session into the label of the displayed page, to ensure it never goes timeout again.